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Restaurant ceiling decoration that consists of colorful dried flowers hanging down
An image of a table at Amara Restaurant where a smiling Latinx young woman smiles while looking at three different salad dishes, a plate of cookies, a small plate of buckwheat waffles and two sides of jam.
Amara Kitchen logo is black and white, and it is line-based. It has an arrow pointing down to the amara kitchen words

Amara Kitchen was founded in 2013 out of a love for healthy, yet delicious and casual food. 


 Food should taste and make you feel great. We believe that food is the key to health and that one diet does not suit all. We serve alternative takes on classic dishes, reinterpreting menus for all types of eaters from gluten free to vegan & paleo. We strive to source our ingredients as locally and organic as possible.  

health and organic breakfast amara kitch

Amara comes from the word "Amaranth", which derives from the Greek word, ἀμάραντος (amárantos), meaning 'unfading'.

Something for Everyone

    Eat what makes you feel good!

Breakfast, Brunch

& Lunch all day!

A bowl of chia seed pudding with berries on a rustic table with a spoon and a beautiful yellow flower next to it
An overhead image of a catering table that includes a bowl of rice with fresh cilantro on top, a smaller bowl of pickled red onions on the lower right, a small bowl of tomatillo salsa on the top right, a small bowl of roasted cherry tomatoes on the top right, a plate of cut limes at the bottom left, along with spoons, serving utensils and a beautiful yellow flower inside a glass vase


 Hire us today!

We cater to all special occasions, weddings, productions, events & more

Near or far we bringing organic, locally sourced meals straight to your table for all types of occasions.


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